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What Is Keratosis?

What Is Keratosis?

If we looked around us we would notice that each and every one of us is unique in our own right. Keratosis is a condition formed when there is an excess in production of keratin on the skin. This leads to the skin having a thickened layer than usual. There are many forms of keratosis that exist today as it is too general to speak of keratosis alone.
One such example of keratosis is solar keratosis. Just as the name suggests, this is a condition which is caused by the sun. As much as most of us may not know it the sun emits more than just heat. It also emits ultra violet rays otherwise known as UV rays. These rays are very harmful to the skin in large amounts of exposure. Currently due to the gas emissions in the atmosphere, the ozone layer has been corroded thus leaving room for a lot of UV rays to penetrate. Naturally the ozone layer is supposed to filter these rays and but due to the damage it has suffered, it is no longer able to filter those rays properly. UV rays are said to be a known cause of skin cancer and other skin conditions including solar keratosis.

Solar Keratosis
Alternatively known as actinic keratosis, this is a condition whereby the skin pigments are damaged as a result of too much exposure to the sun. The skin is characterized by dry, flaky, crusty and sometimes reddened patches on the skin as a result of this excessive exposure to the sun. This condition can be seen on every skin type even that of those said to be living in the tropics.

This condition has been proven to be pre-cancerous if left untreated. It is not possible to identify which solar spots are likely to turn into cancerous growths but there are some signs that can help you identify one quickly. The spot may be growing rapidly. This is usually the first indication that it may be cancerous. Secondly, the spot may be cancerous if it suddenly becomes tender and very sore. Another indicator may be any bleeding in the area. This may show that the sore is worsening or has become infected.
This condition can be treated with the use of creams, freezing and excision. If it becomes begins to show any of the signs mentioned above, it may mean it has become cancerous and medical attention would be advisable.

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