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Brown Spots

Brown Spots

Brown spots are a type of skin condition that occurs naturally as we age. As much as it is a natural process, most people find these spots unattractive and most for cosmetic reasons will do anything to have them removed or disappear. These spots also called age spots, liver spots or sun sun spots are as a result of constant exposure to the sun.

Brown spots are versatile in that they can be formed as a result of any other skin condition such as freckles, moles, melasma, lentigo, keratosis and many other pigmentation related skin conditions. It is very important to know the cause of the brown spots as it may be dangerous and you may not know it. There have been cases of simple skin conditions being left untreated only for them to develop into cancer. Brown spots are said to be more evident during the summer as compared to winter. This may be because the sun’s rays serve to darken the spots making them more pronounced.

Brown spots can also occur when there’s an imbalance of melanin. This is the pigment responsible for giving the skin its color. The more the melanin is produced the darker the skin and the less the melanin, the lighter the skin. If for any reason there was an internal factor that caused the melanin production to increase it would then result in darker skin. The excess melanin may not be deposited evenly throughout the skin but may cluster and form in certain areas. This may lead to brown spots forming.

The old saying that prevention is better than cure is still applied in many medical fields including this case. If you anticipate that you will be exposed to too much sunlight, take precautions to protect your skin. Use sunscreen lotion and wear large hats. This will help reduce the chances of dark spots forming. Use cosmetics that contain antioxidants as they are natural bleaches and will help keep the skin looking even.

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