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Chloasma which also known as melasma is the pigmentation of the skin as a result of hormonal imbalances. Such a condition is common amongst pregnant women. It may also result from the estrogen levels caused by the ingestion of oral contraceptives. This condition is likely to be seen in areas of the face that are exposed to the sun a lot. Chloasma usually fades away a few months after giving birth and also a few weeks once you stop taking oral contraceptives. This condition can recur depending on whether you’ll fall pregnant again in the future or whether you’ll be put on the pill. For some women the pigmentation will never leave completely and it might leave them with slight blemishes. There have been cases of women who develop chloasma even when they’ve never been pregnant nor have they been put on the contraceptive pill.

This skin condition can affect anyone though women who are dark skinned are more prone to develop the condition than fair ones. This condition is common in areas with tropical climate as the heat provides a good cause for the skin condition to develop. As much as the factors that cause chloasma are external, there are cases where it develops because it was passed on genetically.

Men too can be affected by chloasma as estrogen alone is not the cause of the condition. It is also seen in young men who use shaving lotions and scented soaps. The chemicals found in such toiletries are also said to contribute in a minor way. Both types of UV light, UVA and UVB, have been proven to contribute to the formation of this condition. Chloasma can become more pronounced when it is hot especially during summer months. During the winter the opposite is the case. The treatment for chloasma is generally in form of topical creams. In the worst of cases, laser treatment can be applied. To prevent worsening of the condition you should always wear SPF and avoid sun exposure as much as possible,and if it can’t be avoided always wear a hat.

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