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Laser Treatment Options For Pigmentation

Laser Treatment Options For Pigmentation

There are several Laser treatment options available for the removal of pigmentation from the body. Laser treatments are some of the most effective and long lasting treatments for pigmentation. Multiple laser treatments are often employed in treating the condition by removing the excess melanin which triggers the condition in the first place. The green laser beams are the most common types of laser treatments used in removing various forms of pigmentation.

Aside from the Green laser beam treatments, other common types of laser treatments used include; Non ablative lasers {including; Medlite lasers, cool touch lasers, Fraxel treatments, N-Lite laser, Fractional resurfacing and Intense Pulse light treatment}. Ablative lasers can also be used in pigmentation treatment.

Ablative laser treatment involves the removal of the superficial layers of the skin and in the process the pigmented areas are removed. There are two types of Ablative lasers and these are; lasers that make use of CO2 {Carbon Dioxide}, and YAG lasers. Ablative lasers used for pigmentation treatment are considered to be aggressive in nature and the recovery time for such treatments may last over 1 month.

None Ablasive laser treatments for pigmentation often come with less recovery time. Fraxel laser treatment is one form of non ablative laser treatment which employ non ablative CO2 as well as laser beam for treatment. It is also referred to as refine and restore laser treatment and it focuses on a small area of the skin at a time. Collagen production is often activated with this form of treatment while the skin is restored to its original appearance.

The Cooltouch laser treatment therapy involves the use of a cool spray in removing pigmentation. Pulses are often administered on the skin and the whole process lasts for around 30 minutes , though several sessions may be required to effectively remove the pigmentation. Medlite is another laser treatment – it appears similar to cool touch treatments, and it involves the administering of pulses on the skin while collagen production is also stimulated. The duration of this treatment is around 45 minutes and it often takes few weeks to recover from the operation.

N-Lite laser treatment allows laser beams to penetrate the skin with powerful force and melanin is targeted here. Pigmented skin is faded away after few sessions. Fractional resurfacing eliminates pigmentation and also removes age spots, liver spots, sun spots and can improve the appearance of wrinkles as well.

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