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Pigmentation Removal: Laser Surgery

Pigmentation Removal: Laser Surgery

Among the various treatments to get rid of age spots and pigmentation is laser surgery. Many skin doctors believe that among the several techniques to help in removing age spots & pigmentation, laser surgery is the most effective. The process is administered by guiding the laser beam to the location of the pigmentation – which then generates energy and heat, in a successive manner. Heat then targets and breaks down the skin pigmentation. However, like many other procedures, laser surgery possesses both advantages and drawbacks. Thus, select wisely by examining both these positive and negative characteristics carefully.

The main advantage of laser surgery is its effectiveness which is the main reason why doctors commend it. And according to skin experts, laser surgery exceeds both cryosurgery and chemical peels. The best part of it: laser surgery fades the skin lesions almost permanently – an attribute not found in other treatment choices. As a result of this treatment, your old age spots are already a part of history but new age spots may still develop. But, ultimately, people are still opting for this therapy over the others because of its known effectiveness and more timely results.

Another positive feature of laser surgery is that it is a procedure that requires only a short appointment and a small frequency: twenty minutes and two to three sessions, respectively. Moreover, patients experience very minimal pain. You can still carry on as if you have not received a serious treatment. There may be edema – which remains for only hours or days. You may also notice skin discoloration but this does not last beyond weeks.

What are the negative aspects of laser surgery? What do the words “surgery” and especially “laser” reveal to you? A hundred dollars – that is what you have to pay for one treatment of age spots on your skin. While some charge in total a sum of about one thousand and five hundred to two thousand dollars for the complete removal of age spots from the whole body. The cost will change depending on elements such as the severity of the affected area, the specialist’s rate, the cost for the materials and the cost of living for the area in which you live. The cost is the primary reason why many people prefer to use alternative treatment methods. But despite being costly, most still choose to have laser surgery because they believe it will be effective.

So, is this the treatment for you? First on the list: Count your money! Next question: “Am I prepared to experience temporary changes in skin color, edema and extremely tolerable pain? Do it now if you have money, you are not afraid of the side effects and you obviously detest these age spots. Just remember everything that has been discussed above and determine which of its attributes outweigh the other and you will be fine.

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