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At What Age Do Age Spots Start?

At What Age Do Age Spots Start?

Age spots are also referred to as liver spots in a number of cases. They are characterized by flat stature, grey, brown or black coloured growths on the skin. Age spots often appear in the shoulders, arms, face , and hands which also happen to be the areas that are mostly exposed to the sun, they are also characterized by the appearances of patches all over the exposed areas of the skin and such patches may appear very irregular in terms of shape, sizes and measurement.

There has been a wide confusion especially on the actual age at which age spots appear on the skin. Though, it is a skin disorder common among people of 40 years or older , but the disorder has increasingly made its presence on teenagers and underage individuals as well. Age spots are naturally harmless but they may pose some serious cosmetic problems to the individual having them and as such they are usually faded with skin bleaching creams . Avoiding the exposure of the body to sunlight is advised especially when treating this infection.

People with light skin often possess more chances of developing age spots early in their lifetime, aside light skin individuals, people who tan quite often may also develop the infection. Discolouration is one of the most prominent features of age spots and the exposure of the skin to excessive UV rays of the sun will result in the stimulation of the melanocytes which in turn will result in the production of more melanin that are characterized with dark pigmentations all around the skin.

It is very difficult to predict the actual time age spots develop in most people, it is believed that it is an issue that should be viewed from the view point of how many years and periods of sun exposure an individual has. An individual that is exposed to sunlight very early from childhood will usually develop age spots earlier than an individual that spent most of his or her lifetime indoors or out of the sun. Most teenagers that develop age spots earlier in their lifetime are believed to suffer from the infection because they have been exposed to sunlight very early in life.

Some age spots could be genetically induced. These genetically induced age spots are noticed in children and teenagers alike and they are age spot conditions that appear quickly in life.

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