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Age Spot Removal Cream

Age Spot Removal Cream

New studies have concluded that age spot removal cream can work perfectly well for clearing brown spots, alternatively known as liver spots from the skin. Researchers who made this studied declared that creams containing specific active ingredients are capable of achieving total clearance of both liver spots and age spots in more than 80% of individuals on which the cream is applied. A more effective and non-destructive approach is to stay away from extreme sunlight rays and protect one’s skin with sunscreen – this can increase the continued success of sun spot and age spot removal by an incredible 90-100%.

Retin A became popular few years back when medical researchers in University of Michigan concluded that Retin A can smoothen out wrinkles and in the New England Journal of medicine, the same group of researchers concluded that the cream can also fade age spots and liver spots effectively. Though the research was partly funded by the manufacturers of Retin-A fading cream, however pictures included as evidences in the journal reveals that liver spot and age spot removal can be effective with retin-A cream.

According to the research which included the pictures of a woman who had wrinkles alongside brown spots which resulted from age spots, pictures revealed the woman before and after treatment. She had undergone retin-A treatment for 40 weeks and the spots were all gone and the woman still remained spot-free 5 months after the treatment. Pictures attached to the research reveals incredible improvements in the arms and face of the patient and after 40 weeks the woman was free from the embarrassing spots. The pictures came as a no surprise for many dermatologist who believed that the ingredients found in retin A are capable of eliminating several skin blemishes.

The use of retin-A creams in dealing with liver spots and age spots has been declared by many dermatologists as one of the most positive ways of using topical treatments for skin problems. Tretinoin is one of the main ingredients in retin-A creams , and it has been found that this ingredient is far much better than many anti wrinkling creams. Other ways of removing liver spots and age spots effectively include cryotherapy with freezing liquid Nitrogen , and chemical peels{ these treatments come with some forms of side effects which are not found in topical retin-A creams.

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