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Risk Factors For Developing Liver Spots

Risk Factors For Developing Liver Spots

There are several major contributors to the development or aggravation of liver spots on the skin. The sun being the primary source of melanin prodution should be avoided before, during and after liver spot treatment. Liver spots themselves are flat benign natured pigmented marks on the skin. Over exposure to sunlight will cause melanin to produce at a faster rate and they clog together to form pigmented brown spots on the outer surface of the skin. It may be difficult to wear protective clothing while in water, however putting on a hat while on the beach or outdoors will help a lot in avoiding liver spots.

Having fair skin is one other major risk factor for developing liver spots. Light skinned individuals are more predisposed to forms of sun damage than dark skinned individuals and this is why light skinned people are often advised to use sunscreens of higher SPF value. In addition to light skin, it has also been observed that tropical or temperate regions where there is an abundance of sunshine are regions where more people suffer from liver spots, age spots and some other sun related skin conditions.

Individuals who do not use SPF or take good care of their skin especially after coming out of excessive heat and sunlight conditions also increase their chances of developing liver spots. Individuals who always use SPF even in cloudy weather can reduce their chances of developing liver spots by more than 50%.

Using a deep cleansing soap especially when you are having your bath after sweating through exposure to the sun can help a long way in creating a barrier against UV rays for some time. It will also help remove dirts and bacteria that can aggravate your skin condition.

Those who engage in outdoor occupational activities are some of the most affected by liver spots. Liver spots may not occur in people who just get themselves exposed to occasional UV rays from sunlight , however individuals who spend most of their days outdoors as a result of their job demands will likely suffer from liver spots at one time or the other especially when they do not wear protective helmets and some other forms of coverings.

Individuals that love tanning can also expose themselves to dangers of developing liver spots. Tanning beds emit some UV radiations that can lead to some other forms of more dangerous skin conditions.

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