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Keratosis Treatment

Keratosis Treatment

Exposure to the UV rays of the sun does not only result in sunburn, it can also lead to keratosis and skin cancer later in the future. Especially when the individual refuses to deal with the situation early. UV radiation damaged skin often appears dull, wrinkled, old and blotchy with pigmentation or liver spots. If your skin has turned out to be itchy, then you need to seek the help of a dermatologist as it is likely you have developed actinic keratosis. There are several ways through which you can deal with sun damaged skin.

You can deal with sun damaged skin by making a mask of coconut oil which has been mixed with papaya, avocado, and grape seed extract. Aside the fact that coconut oil can repair damaged skin tissues, it can also renew existing skin tissues. The inclusion of avocado is to ensure the healing of UV damaged skin tissues and cells through its healing components. Potassium is another nutrient which can be found in avocado and such nutrient is needed to retain the elasticity of the skin. Papaya is believed to contain a great proportion of beta carotene which are needed in repairing damage skin tissues and strengthening the dermis tissues of the skin.

The inclusion of grape seed extract in this facial mask is due to the abundance of anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants are believed to possess the power to reduce cellular stress which can result from UV radiations from the sun, and also helps in rejuvenating damaged skin tissues. This therapy should be applied 4-5 times a week to achieve a rapid repair of the skin from damages caused by radiation of the sun.

Improving your diet is another way through which you can deal with a damaged skin. You need to increase your intake of fruits and green vegetables which are contain essential vitamins and minerals that can rejuvenate your skin quickly from sun radiations. If you are not getting the right dietary intake , you can take some supplements. Supplements such as Omega 3 fatty acids can improve brain functioning which in turn can lead to the production of hormones that can counter the actions of the damaging radiation effect of the sun.

Refraining yourself from some actions such as smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can also help you reduce the sensitivity of your skin. This can also help your skin recover quickly from radiation effects.

Once the sun damaged skin has progressed to keratosis you need to seek specific keratosis treatment.

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