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The Best Way To Treat Keratosis

The Best Way To Treat Keratosis

Medical professionals have recently verified that there is still no cure for Keratosis. However, they have been working day and night and have frequently been releasing very effective treatment methods. The available treatment methods range from creams to oils but they are all tailor made to try and get rid of Keratosis. The many treatment methods available have their own degree of effectiveness and there is a great dependence on the commitment of the person using these treatment methods. There is also the issue of consistency of use; hence it is advised that for best results, you should not fail to apply the medication on the affected skin surface.

There are creams that contain the acid form of vitamin A that are known to be effective in treating Keratosis. It is at times sold as Retin-A, which is generally its trade name. This medicine increases the cell turnover rate of the outer layer of the skin and this in turn decreases the amount of the keratin in the skin. When used frequently, you will notice the affected layer of the skin becoming thinner. The pores are also not likely to get blocked which will in turn help to reduce these symptoms. There is another drug called Adapelene which is a moderator of cellular differentiation. It helps a lot as it has exfoliating and anti-inflammatory effects.

After some research, you will note that most of the available treatments for Keratosis are also used to treat some other skin conditions like acne and eczema. This should not cause you to think that they won’t be effective. They are used interchangeably because of the similarity of these conditions, as they all appear on the skin and there is usually a common factor during treatment. Take a prescription medication like Triamcinolone for instance. It is a medically approved cream that is used to treat eczema. It helps to treat eczema by reducing the amount of keratin in your skin pores and this can also help to treat Keratosis, as the whole idea in the treatment of Keratosis, is by reducing the amount of keratin in your skin. That’s how similar the effects of these drugs are and the reason why they are interchanged in the treatment of such skin conditions.

Some of the treatment methods that require you to apply the medication on almost the whole of your body range from soaps to lotions and they will usually contain Sulfur. There are a variety of sulfur soaps that have been used successfully in the treatment of Keratosis.

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