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Age Spots On Arms

Age Spots On Arms

Age spots are due to old age, hence their name. The elderly are more prone to them and the risk of getting them increases as you grow older. It is somewhat related to sunlight. When excess sunlight is allowed to fall on the skin, it tends to lead to this skin problem.  One thing to be noted about the skin problem is that it can appear on any area of the skin. Those areas exposed to the sun more often tend to have them more, unlike the areas that are mostly covered.  This simple write up will be dealing with age spots that appear on the arms. There are times that this kind of skin problem is referred to as liver spot. It must be noted that it does not really have a thing to do with your liver.

In order to be able to recognize age spots on arms, you need to be able to differentiate them from another form of spot that may appear on the arm.  This skin problem comes in various sizes. There are times it will appear as small as freckles and there are times it will be far bigger than that. If they appear singly, it may not be easy to identify them. But when age spots appears in a cluster, it becomes very easy to notice them on time. In appearance, they are oval in shape and they are flat.  They can also appear in various colors; ranging from gray to brown and black.

Age spots appear on practically everyone, but they tend to appear on some set of people more than others. If you are light skinned, you tend to have it more. They are rarely noticeable in people who are dark skinned.

The sunlight is the main culprit for age spots. One thing about the sun is that it does not lead to the skin problem too quickly. The effect of the sun accumulates over a number of years and finally leads to age spots as one advances in age.

Are you still young and you do not like the idea of ending up with age spots? You will do well to start reducing your exposure to sunlight without SPF. If you are the type that loves to get a sun tan on holiday, you may end up with this problem on your arms when you grow older, and maybe on your face too.

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