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Hydrogen Peroxide & Seborrheic Keratosis

Hydrogen Peroxide & Seborrheic Keratosis

As people grow old and age, their skin cells tend to lose the ability to generate new skin and hence the old skin starts to dry up and form scaly crusts on the surface. This gives the skin spots that are growths above the normal skin surface that appear to be bulgy. The size, shape and color vary from black to dark tan. The combination of all these bulging appearances and growths makes the skin develop a condition called seborrheic keratosis. Even if they are harmless, they are very unattractive. However, this condition should not cause an alarm because seborrheic keratosis treatment methods that can be applied at home, which include the use of hydrogen peroxide.

Application of hydrogen peroxide as a seborrheic keratosis home treatment should be used and applied evenly every now and then until all the spots have been eliminated and disappeared completely. In addition, because chances of seborrheic keratosis regenerating are high, the continued use of hydrogen peroxide in either direct application or by adding it to the water used for bathing is suggested and worthwhile.

The use of a concentration of less than 80% of hydrogen peroxide will reduce the growth and appearance of seborrheic keratosis spots. The hydrogen peroxide used should be applied directly to the spots and left to act for about 10 to 15 minutes. Hydrogen peroxide will make the spots turn white and then pink as the seborrheic keratosis form scabs which will fade away in a period of a few days. Hydrogen peroxide should remain in use and should be applied periodically until all the spots of seborrheic keratosis disappear. For an evenly and precise application, one should use a small brush or cotton swab. The area around the spots that are treated should be moisturized before hydrogen peroxide is applied so that it does not burn the surrounding area. A small amount of hydrogen peroxide can be added to bathing water to avoid future growths. It should be noted that this treatment should be done regularly for better results of the disappearance of the seborrheic keratosis growths.

Hydrogen peroxide works like salicylic acid because when using a strong version of the hydrogen peroxide, it can be very caustic to the skin and once applied to the growths, it will start to kill them immediately. Application of hydrogen peroxide once a week is recommended and ensures total clearance of the spots.

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