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Liver Spots On Feet

Liver Spots On Feet

Liver spots on feet may not be as visible as those that appear on the face, arms or neck. These dark spots that are as a result of age and overexposure to the sun’s rays are small in size, flat and harmless. These liver spots may however appear due to family lineage, if other members of the family have them, as well as spending too much time in tanning beds. Also known as lentigines, liver spots on feet are easy to hide though treatment methods are available that can help lighten the brown spots.

The skin being a sensitive body organ undergoes changes as one grows older. You will find that most individuals with liver spots on feet are those at the age above forty. Someone who had perfectly smooth clear skin in their younger days may end up with these spots. Steps can be taken however to ensure that these spots do not come along as age progresses. For one, to avoid liver spots on feet, it is important to always used sunscreen to prevent ultraviolet rays from harming your skin. Furthermore, sun exposure should be limited, especially early to late afternoon hours as this is when the rays are very strong.

Nonetheless, if you have liver spots on feet and you have the desire to get rid of them, there are certain treatment methods that one could undertake. Laser treatment is one method that has been known to work. This procedure does not last long, roughly twenty minutes and results are evident. On the other hand, since liver spots on feet are not so noticable, mild and simple treatment methods might work best. Applying Aloe Vera consistently is a helpful, self medicated way to go about it. Not only is it effective, it does not require too much time or effort to practice this treatment method. Over the counter creams do work too. Results are evident within a couple of months. When purchasing these creams, ensure you consult with the pharmacist so that you can buy creams that contain effective components. It is also good to do so to avoid getting anything that you may be allergic to.

Liver spots on feet are harmless and are also not cancerous. However, should you note anything different, for example in shape, size, color or texture, it is important to visit a physician to run tests and ensure it is not anything more serious. This will also help take any measures necessary should it be something other than liver spots.

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