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Liver Spots On Legs

Liver Spots On Legs

Liver spots are spots on the skin’s surface that usually occur with increase in age and also as a result of clumping together of the pigment that gives the skin’s color, melanin. This excessive melanin gathers in specific areas of the skin and gives it an appearance of brown spots. One of the popular causes of liver spots is the over-exposure of the skin to the ultra-violet rays of the sun. They appear to be flat, round and painless spots that developed on the hands, arms, shoulders, face and legs. The legs are parts of the body that are not usually covered hence they get exposed to the sun most of the time. Women especially are commonly affected by liver spots on their legs as they spend a great deal of time and effort tanning their legs and often using a deep tanning oil instead of a high SPF like other areas of their body while on holiday.

Liver spots on legs appear to be like brown spots on legs that occur over a period of time due to old age or due to possession of some genetic inheritance. When the skin is overexposed to the sun for a long period of time and remains unprotected, melanin accumulation in the skin increases in a manner that it gets multiplied with a higher rate hence forming clusters. These clusters are the ones referred to as liver spots.

Liver spots can come about on the inner thigh part of the leg, near the groin, on the feet or around the ankles. They decolorize the skin tone mostly in people with dark skin. Although the spots on thighs show symptoms of darkening and dryness they do not affect a particular area.

Affected people should be keen to go along with available wellness approaches to eliminate liver spots on the legs. This can be through use of essential minerals which help minimize the liver spots and natural vitamins that help protect skin from any more harm.

Simple sunscreen lotions can be used to protect the legs and thighs from the radicals produced by the sun’s rays which darken the skin. The lotions can be used every time before exposure to the sun. At all times avoid ultra-violet rays of the sun by taking proper precaution like wearing hats or long sleeved clothes.

Drinking plenty of water regularly ensures that the skin remains supple with enough moisture. Also avoid mostly fried and processed food through maintenance of a proper and nutritious healthy diet.

You should always seek a dermatologists advice on any changes to the appearance of you skin, also for appropriate guidance, on which treatment to remove liver spots on legs would be best for you.

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