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Remove Keratosis

Remove Keratosis

A very high percentage of people have keratosis. This condition involves layered scaly skin that almost resembles a wart, and for this reason are often called senile warts, also due to their association with old age. This calls for removal as it interferes with the health and beauty of an individual. The condition has several variations that have different health risks as well.

Removing keratosis involves various methods that range from treatment through surgery by doctors, following some home remedies that are fit for removing the condition and using pure natural methods.

On medical issues, curettage is one of the applied methods to remove keratosis. This is whereby the skin specialists or doctors use some special equipment for the task to physically remove keratosis. This process is then followed by an electrocautery process, whereby the use of an electrical charge is the key factor. This electrical charge burns the growth completely thus destroying it and removing keratosis.

Still on medical methods, cryotherapy is also applied where the doctor freezes the growths using liquid nitrogen. Freezing also removes the keratosis making one regain their natural beauty and health. There are still some medical solutions that are used to remove keratosis that include hydrogen concentrations. These solutions can also be used at home if prescribed by the dermatologist.

Removing keratosis also entails use of various acids in dilute form. These acids include lactic acid that is the most effective. They are applied through spraying them on the keratosis affected areas of the skin. These acids normally have an itching effect but one gets used to them when they use them on a regular basis.

Another way to remove keratosis is the employment of home remedies. This is the most preferred way as one uses these remedies while at home. Moisture is the most essential thing that determines the skin texture. Moisturizing is a home remedy for keratosis. Ensuring frequent application of moisture through use of products rich in urea removes the keratosis condition.

Eating balanced diets is also another home practice that helps to treat keratosis. Fruits, vegetables and omega-3 fatty acids have proven the best meals for skin. These aids in improving the skin texture hence removing keratosis at some levels. Omega-3 fatty acids can be directly obtained from walnuts, flux seeds and salmon as well as supplements rich in these fatty acids. All these stuff can be purchased from health stores at reasonable prices.

Other measures such as avoiding stuff that usually causes irritation on the skin and allergies also removes keratosis in small commendable percentages. When irritation comes in, it leads to one scratching their bodies through to the keratosis affected areas and that worsens the condition. Therefore, one should always ensure they avoid such circumstances.

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