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Senile Keratosis

Senile Keratosis

This condition, senile keratosis, is another name for seborrheic keratosis which are raised, waxy, mole like benign growths on the skin mostly found on the trunk, back and face of individuals. This condition is mostly common with elderly people and fair skinned people. Senile keratosis growths are not cancer connected thus they can’t cause cancer in any case.

Senile keratosis is highly associated with the sun as it drives to the development of these skin growths. This condition appears as red patches on the face and chest area of people over a certain age mostly the age of fifty. The growths are not painful and are small in size and are made up of red blood vessels that appear in groups of little clusters on the skin. These growths tend to increase in size as time passes and their number also increases with time. With no harm caused apart from altering the beauty of a person, this condition should not be altered as it causes no serious cases like cancer and others.

The greatest cause of senile keratosis is exposure to sunlight over a period of years. This condition therefore mostly affects people living in sunny areas compared to those in colder climates. Due to exposure to too much sunlight, senile keratosis occurs mostly in areas that are exposed like the face.

Treating senile keratosis involves a follow-up of simple procedures. This condition can be treated through surgical measures that involve health professionals. The most applied procedure in removing senile keratosis is the cryotherapy process. This process involves freezing the growths whereby they are exposed to very low temperatures. This treatment is meant for beauty purposes as it helps improve the physical appearance of the skin. Another reason for senile keratosis removal is when the growths cause discomfort to the body most especially when they come into contact with clothing that causes friction on them. Removal of these growths can also be done by a physician through excision or cautery. These two procedures are very simple and normally no pain is associated with them.

Prevention measures are important to help curb increase in the senile keratosis condition. One of these senile keratosis prevention measures is having some limit to sun exposure as it is a catalyst in worsening the condition. One may also use sunscreen, like creams, to prevent the rays from the sun worsening the condition. A physicians’ advice is also vital to help treat senile keratosis.

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