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Keratosis Removal At Home

Keratosis Removal At Home

Keratosis removal at home is the easiest way one can remedy their keratosis condition. This entails use of home remedies for keratosis involving natural ingredients or creams that may be purchased and used at home.

One of the ways to undergo keratosis removal at home includes eating a balanced diet. A well balanced diet that contains fruit, vegetables and omega-3 fatty acids is the ideal diet to keep your skin healthy. Vegetables and fruits provide one with the required vitamins that aid in skin development and protection from diseases and skin disorders like keratosis. The fatty acids improve the skin texture. These omega-3 fatty acids can be acquired from salmon, walnuts and flax seeds which are rich in these nutrients. There are also supplements that are rich in these fatty acids that one can buy from stores that deal with health food.

Moisturizing the skin is an easy keratosis removal method applied at home. Since moisture is very important to the skin texture, it is effective in treating keratosis. Thick moisturizers that contain urea are the best to apply in the practice as they soften the skin thus removing keratosis. Moisturizing should be practiced daily during the winter season when there is no cool air in the house. The room temperatures should also be regulated to maintain natural moisture and humidifiers used during the night as this whole practice prevents worsening of keratosis. Another measure of maintaining skin moisture is through taking water plentifully. Other drinks that dehydrate the skin should be avoided as well. This process reduces the chances of keratosis developing further and also aids in their removal.

Avoiding allergies and other substance that might cause irritation to the skin also helps in keratosis removal at home. Some of these allergies and irritants cause itching to the skin and that worsens the keratosis condition. Some foods intake may also affect the keratosis state as they may cause allergic reactions from individuals. The overall control of itching on the skin helps in slow by slow removal of keratosis from the body.

Lactic acid application as prescribed by skin specialists is also a method of keratosis removal at home.  These acids are mostly in form of cream whereby they are applied on the keratosis affected areas on the skin. These acids though have some itching effect on the skin and sometimes are not effective. Day to day use of these acid creams helps one to get used to them. They should be applied in small amounts at the initial stages then increased as one gets used to them for effective keratosis removal.

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