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Seborrheic Keratosis Treatment

Seborrheic Keratosis Treatment

Seborrheic keratosis is always unsightly. It grows in such a way as to disfigure the skin. The mole to which it acts as precursor is not even as unsightly as this skin defect. It occurs due to uncontrollable growth of skin cells directly at the base of the mole on the skin. As the cells begin to multiply, it grows in size and gets enlarged over time. It grows into a mound and has this thickened appearance. In order to get your skin back to its normal appearance, there are some treatment methods you can try to get rid of seborrheic keratosis on your skin.

Some chemical substances have been found to be able to reduce the height of seborrheic keratosis when it appears on your skin. The two commonly used chemicals are alpha hydroxy acid and ammonium lactate. They have been used over time and they had been discovered to be the best helping hand of the skin problem. Before you can ever expect good result from this application, you need to carry it out as often as possible. If possible, you can apply them twice in a day and you can be sure of relief from seborrheic keratosis.

Another chemical treatment method in addition to the ones mentioned above has been discovered. The name of the chemical used for this purpose is trichloroacetic acid. The chemical is used by directly applying it on the surface of the seborrheic keratosis. After the very first treatment, it is possible for you to start getting some positive response; as the growth begins to reduce in size. But in case the whole growth is not removed completely, you should repeat the application a second time or for as long as it will take to get the seborrheic keratosis removed.

Some topical creams have been developed for the purpose of treating seborrheic keratosis. The main active ingredient in the topical cream is nothing other than tazarotene. The tazaroten has a concentration of about 0.1%. It should be applied for up to twice in a day for great effect. You may need to continue the treatment for up to 16 weeks before the whole thing can disappear.

The treatment methods for seborrheic keratosis mentioned above have not been reported to come with any kind of side effect. You therefore have nothing to worry about when you use them.

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