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Seborrhoeic Keratoses

Seborrhoeic Keratoses

Call them lesions or growths; Seborrhoeic keratoses are tiny bumps that grow on the skin. Generally regarded as harmless, these senile warts as they are also called will be noted affecting the aged, the young and infants. Scientific research into the main causes of this skin disorder has gone to show that Seborrhoeic keratoses will be caused by a number of reasons. The effect of long exposure of the skin to the sun is a major factor.   Other reasons will be related to poor health and nutritional values when it concerns the skin and the other, though rare, is the hereditary link. Seborrhoeic keratoses thus are still a puzzle to be completed in the field of skin care research.

Seborrhoeic keratoses lesions will usually be seen growing on part of the body that is exposed to the sun. On the onset one will not be alarmed about it; especially if the bump is really tiny, not until it gets slightly large is when one start to raise questions. Seborrhoeic keratoses growths will vary in size all along the body and will grow to be not more than 3 centimeters wide. This skin condition affects all skin tones thus all races of people will have it. Seborrhoeic keratoses lesions will be varying in color too, depending on one’s skin color.

When it comes to treating Seborrhoeic keratoses skin condition, it is the size and not the color of the warts that are keenly judged to determine the plausible medical step. In most cases the bigger the warts are the higher the medical costs in ridding one of Seborrhoeic warts. As stated, the doctor will do checks before administering any medication. In most cases a keratoses biopsy will be conducted. This is now a common practice to check if there could be any underlying cancerous related issues other than that of a keratoses condition being addressed. Melanoma cancer has been noted in some cases to develop as a result of one having Seborrhoeic keratoses. This said though; one should know that Seborrhoeic keratoses skin condition is by far not a serious cancer related disease.

Under the supervision of a skin dermatologist all Seborrhoeic keratoses will be keenly looked into. This is why one has to take all skin related problems with high regard. If on the onset you seek medical attention then Seborrhoeic keratoses, be it the case, will have been addressed and put in check before it gets to take over your skin. In the more advanced cases the way of handling the Seborrhoeic keratoses results in cutting of the lesion using chemicals and other approved medical means. So take the proper step in handling Seborrhoeic keratoses skin problems by visiting your dermatologist for that important medical aid.

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Seborrheic Keratoses

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