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Keratosis Removal

Keratosis Removal

Keratosis is among the common skin conditions that affect most people in their lives. Keratosis removal entails numerous methods that run from home remedies to medical treatments to natural methods. It can also be removed by health practitioners through surgery.

Keratosis condition varies in many distinct ways whereby some are malevolent and others benevolent. Their differences also trigger different health risks. Keratosis mostly interferes with the beauty and not the health of individuals.

There are various home remedies for keratosis removal. Some of these remedies have been applied and they do work well. Toners and alcohol are some of these home remedies which are just applied on the keratosis and after sometime, the keratosis is effectively removed from your body. Others include masking with some products that contain Aloe Vera.

In addition to keratosis removal methods, scrubbing using exfoliators is a way of dealing with keratosis. This is a purely natural way of keratosis removal. These scrubs are mostly made from sugar, some oils and lemon as well. The scrubs are used by scrubbing them on the keratosis affected areas through a simple procedure on the skin, and the results from this are perfect leaving the skin with a soft smooth texture.

The other method of keratosis removal involves use of some acids when in dilute form. These acids have compounds like glycogen that is essential for the healing process. The acids are not harmful to the skin in that they don’t burn the skin. The application process is done through spraying the solution on the keratosis affected areas. The process has somehow a stinging effect but is most effective in keratosis removal.

Medically, keratosis removal entails Cryotherapy: this is the means by which a health professional, a dermatologist, freezes the growths associated with keratosis. The method is not painful and works best for the thin growths more than the dense ones.

Curettage is another medical keratosis removal method. In this, the doctor removes the growth physically using some instruments. The curettage process does not render effective results alone and therefore it is combined with another process that involves the employment of an electrical charge in little amounts. The process, referred to as electrocautery, is used to destroy the growths by burning them completely. Lastly on medical methods, some other solutions that have some percentage of hydrogen peroxide are also used for keratosis removal. These solutions are prescribed by skin specialists and are applied by the person with the condition.

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