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Seborrheic Keratosis Removal At Home

Seborrheic Keratosis Removal At Home

seborrheic keratosis removal at homeSeborrheic keratosis is becoming common kinds of skin defect among the elderly. In fact, many of them who have moles tend to end up with it. In case you are an elderly person, you should not be surprised when you begin to notice this strange looking, colored growth at the base of the mole on your skin. It may be Seborrheic keratosis. Through the information in this write up, you are going to be learning about one or two simple home remedy to get rid of the skin defect.

Seborrheic Keratosis Removal Methods

Search for any info online about how to treat seborrheic keratosis and the home removal methods you will come by for the skin growth will be no other than the use of glycolic acid solution and hydrogen peroxide. The two had been discovered to be the best home made substances for the outright removal of the skin problem.  You may never need any medical expert to help you with the application and you will be saved from the problem of paying medical bills. There are things you need to consider as you make us of any of these treatment methods for removing seborrheic keratosis.

Glycolic Acid

Before you use glycolic acid to treat seborrheic keratosis, make sure that you properly mix it. Direct application can lead to burn on your skin due to the acidic nature of the chemical substance. The chemical should be made up to 30% concentration.  The solution should then be applied directly on the surface of the spot for its complete removal. Before the solution can have the expected result, it needs to be applied on daily basis. So as to make the application easy, the solution can be poured into a spray bottle then applied to the seborrheic keratosis.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Another chemical substance that you can make use of as a home remedy for seborrheic keratosis is hydrogen peroxide. This chemical to needs to be properly mixed before you make use of it. You should not allow the substance to be more concentrated than about 30%. It can be applied the same way like glycolic acid solution.

In order to protect the skin around the Seborrheic keratosis from getting burnt due to the hydrogen peroxide, the skin should be covered with a moisturizer. In case you can’t lay your hands on any moisturizer, you can always make use of a lotion.

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