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Liver Spots On Arms

Liver Spots On Arms

Liver spots also known as age spots have no relation at all to the liver. As a matter of fact, these are dark spots, either dark brown or almost reddish, which are found on the face, hands, neck and arms. Liver spots on arms are common and this is because the main cause of these spots is overexposure to the sun. Though age has been linked to this condition, ultraviolet rays are the resultant cause of the spots. Even though they are common, and many sun related skin ailments are considered cancerous, liver spots on arms are not harmful to one’s health.

All the same, many people prefer not to have them due to their unsightliness as well as the fact that they do limit one’s fashion sense. With liver spots on arms, anyone who is overly conscious of them will be forced to wear long sleeved tops or sweaters just to cover the spots up. Though they may be as little as freckles on some people, they may grow as large as a centimeter or more, making it really uncomfortable for others. There are a few treatment methods that can be undertaken to control the condition. However, some methods do not guarantee that the spots will clear completely.

To get rid of liver spots on arms, one first needs to consult with a dermatologist to ensure that these are actually liver spots. This helps eliminate any other conclusions and helps determine the best mode of treatment. Home remedies are certainly the simplest and cheapest way to treat liver spots on arms. Castor oil and lemon juice help by simply brushing them over the liver spots. Likewise, a mix of onion juice, made by blending onions, and apple cider vinegar applied on the spots will help clear them away. It’s important to note that the spots significantly clear away though it take a period of about a month to two months before a complete difference is observed. For those who prefer medicated methods, over the counter creams are available in most pharmacies. Other treatments for liver spots on arms include laser treatments, dermabrasion, cyrotherapy and chemical peels.

To avoid getting liver spots on arms, it is advisable to take note of the amount of time spent exposed to ultraviolet rays, whether it is outside sunbathing or getting a tan in a tanning bed. Protective measures such as applying sunscreen, wearing hats and long sleeved tops, to limiting the time spent in tanning beds will play a part in preventing liver spots on arms.

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