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What Is Pigmentation?

What Is Pigmentation?

Pigmentation is a kind of skin problem. When it occurs, some spots begin to appear on the skin of the affected person. The said pigments can come in various colors. It can be red, brown or black. In most cases, appearance of the pigments does not have any health implication. But it had become a common practice for individuals to want to get it removed.  It had been called by different names over time. There are times it is called liver spots. It can also be called old age spots. Pigmentation is common among those who are light skinned. Those who are dark in complexion may not need to bother about this problem.

Pigmentation is caused by several factors. It can occur due to excessive exposure to sunlight. There are times that the pigments can appear as a result of excessive presence of melanin on the skin. When the pigments appear due to sun exposure, it tends to occur at the later stage of life. Those who are young have some natural resistance against the UV from the sun. But as one grows older, it may become rather difficult to resist the UV rays and the skin begins to give in to pressure leading to the development of the skin pigmentation.

Pigmentation comes in different forms. Melasma comes with a brown color. It usually affects the cheeks, the forehead and the upper lip. This type of pigment is not common among men. In fact, only about 10% of men are affected by it. Chloasma is another type of pigment. This occurs during pregnancy due to the over production of melanin by the women. It can appear on the face or the abdomen of the pregnant women.  Exposure to the sun is not advisable with this kind of pigmentation.

There are still several types of pigmentation. Some are called solar lentigines, which occurs when the skin is excessively exposed to the sun.  It can occur on those parts of the body that are exposed to the sun.  A freckle is another type of skin pigments and it had been found to be hereditary.

In case you want to get any of the different types of skin pigmentation removed, you may require different treatment methods. But the use of lemon juice and topical creams may have universal effect on the skin problem. All you need to do is to apply them accordingly.

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