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Treat Pigmentation

Treat Pigmentation

The main cause of skin pigmentation is nothing other than sunlight.  It actually goes by several names. It can be referred to as freckles, liver spots, age spots, melasma, chloasma, solar lentigo, pregnancy mask but they are all forms of pigmentation. When you overexpose your skin to the sun without protection, you are increasing your chances of having this skin condition. Your body; while you were younger was able to overcome the effect of the sun. But as you grow older, your body gets weaker and it is unable to resist the UV ray. This will then lead to the formation of skin pigmentation. Through this simple write up, you are going to learn about what you can do to treat pigmentationpig on your skin.

Avoid the sun!

When you avoid the sun as much as possible, you are sure to be able to overcome this problem of skin pigmentation. It may not completely fade away this way, but you can be sure that it will not be as prominent as when you expose yourself to sunlight. During the winter, you can expect some relief from pigmentation, however you should still use SPF to protect your skin as part of your daily beauty routine.

Scientific treatment

There are two types of scientific treatment methods for skin pigmentation. It includes what is called intense pulsed light; IPL for short, and laser.  Visible light is used in the former treatment method and it had been discovered to be very helpful. Laser beam is used in the later. The two scientific methods of treating skin pigmentation can be useful in treating any of the pigments on any part of the body. In IPL, the visible light mentioned above is pulsed directly into the skin. The pigments on the skin absorb the light and this makes them to fade away.

How soon before final result

The treatment methods mentioned above and any other kind of treatments for pigmentation do not work like magic. If you are looking for overnight result, I doubt if you will be able to get that with these treatment methods. You will need some patience; as they may not give you positive result until after about a month of consistent application of the methods.


There is rarely any side effect when you make use of any of the treatment methods highlighted above. It rarely gets you down in anyway and you can always live your life normally while you are applying them for to treat pigmentation.

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