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Celebrity Treatment For Pigmentation

Celebrity Treatment For Pigmentation

If you suffer from a skin pigmentation disorder there are celebrity treatments you can try. Try a luxury treatment such as those used by celebrities. Today, more celebrities are opting not to go under the knife, receive painful injections or botox to fight the signs of aging but to pick non-surgical treatments to maintain their youthful appearance. These are less invasive procedures to restore skin. Ilesha Haywood from the Paramedical Skin Clinic says there is a new range of revolutionary skin treatments which celebrities are using to maintain their youthful looks. Celebrities such as Dannii Minogue and Kimberley Davies are using this treatment.

Celebrities are beginning to realize that they don’t need botox, collagen or invasive facelifts. Nobody needs to subject themselves to those types of treatments.  There are many new treatments that are not invasive and leave people looking years younger. A range of treatments can improve skin pigmentation and the best news is that the treatments used by celebrities are also available to everyone. “Anyone can have the skin of a celebrity. Even if you have acne, pigmentation, or fine lines, this new era of skin treatments can turn back the clock, radically change the skin’s appearance, and leave anyone with great skin”, says Ilesha Haywood.

A new treatment offered at Paramedical Skin Clinic is the ‘Jet Peel’, which is a favorite of celebrities because it dramatically improves the texture and appearance of skin while being safe, natural and virtually painless. The ‘Jet Peel’ removes layers of dead skin cells and hydrates the skin with a moisturizing jet stream. It infuses oxygen into the deep dermis to recharge skin cells. This helps them to produce more collagen naturally. The pressurized oxygen has an exfoliative effect on the skin, which resurfaces the skin and improves the texture. This celebrity treatment can improve skin pigmentation. Another great side effect is younger looking skin – clients report that their skin looks and feels five to ten years younger.

Chemical peels is also a popular celebrity treatment for pigmentation. Chemical peels use chemicals such as glycolic acid, which is applied to the skin to cause the top layers to shed. Chemical peels work best for pigmentation problems when there is mild discoloration. Chemical peels are not painful but while the chemical is on the skin you can experience a tingling sensation. Improvement of pigmentation on your face is instant. It is very important that you use sunscreen after this treatment to prevent more pigmentation from occurring. Dermatologists recommend that you use SPF 30 and above UVA/UVB sunscreen and apply daily.

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