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Liver Spots Remedy

Liver Spots Remedy

Liver spots are marks on the surface of the skin and are commonly caused due to the ultra violet rays of the sun or ageing. Also known as ‘Solar Lentigo’ or ‘senile freckle’, these spots come in a variety of colors ranging from black to red or light brown. They are mostly found on areas with the most exposure to the sun like hands, face, shoulders, and forehead and even on the scalp. Extensive research has indicated that for people over the age of forty, the skin is less likely to regenerate from exposure to the sun.

Liver spots are extremely common in people of this age group, especially those who spend a lot of time in the sun. In most cases, liver spots do not pose any threat and need no treatment, though; they can sometimes hinder the detection of skin cancer. Even though they are benign, liver spots are considered extremely unsightly. Some people choose to remove them using drastic laser treatments, cryotherapy or electro surgery.

A lot of people choose plastic surgery to help lighten these spots and undergo treatments like dermabrasion or sometimes chemical peels. Many swear by the use of all natural ingredients as an effective liver spots remedy. Many believe that apple cider vinegar is an extremely effective treatment. When blended with onions, it can be applied externally to the affected area. To make it more effective, drinking 3 tablespoons of vinegar in a mug of water twice daily for a month can help lighten the dark spots.

Aloe Vera is another extremely effective liver spots remedy. The treatment is as easy as rubbing Aloe Vera juice or gel directly on to the offending areas at least twice daily and leave on for a minimum of 45 minutes. Lemon juice has highly acidic qualities that help to fade the appearance of age spots. Dabbing fresh lemon on the spots twice daily for at least 30 minutes helps to lighten spots. It is important that you wait for the juice to dry completely before going outdoors. Castor oil has also been proven to have the same effect.

All these remedies for liver spots are safe and inexpensive, though it might take at least a month for the results to show. Since these are all natural remedies, there are no side effects and are easily available at your local grocery store. Though for quick removal, one might have to resort to more drastic methods.

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