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Liver Spots On Face

Liver Spots on Face

Liver spots are more often the most common ailments found in the elderly. These are dark spots that appear due to the irregular formation of melanin in the upper skin. These occur due to the prolonged exposure to the sun. And mostly the annoying blemishes are liver spots on face. These generally occur in the late stages of the life after 40 years. It is when, liver spots on face appear in most of the individuals who are overexposed to the sun.

Liver spots on face can be easily seen. They are darker than the actual colour of your skin. They can appear in any body part that is not covered most of the times, like back of the hands, shoulders and feet, but liver spots on face are most common. They can be very small in size or they can be very big. It does not cause any harm to the body, but surely anybody would like to avoid them.

The basic component that gives our skin the colour we have is melanin. Whenever the skin is exposed to the ultraviolet rays from the sun, extra melanin is formed which tries to save the skin from the UV rays. After a certain age, the formation of melanin is irregular and liver spots on face occur. In early days, the formation is regular and the tan is regular and liver spots on face do not occur. But liver spots on face are prominent after the age of 40.

There are no troubles of having liver spots on face or anywhere else. But they are annoying to anybody who has liver spots on face. They are benign and have no relation skin cancer, however it always a good idea to get any new skin blemishes checked by a doctor. So, it is always better to take treatment advice for liver spots.

Although liver spots on face are not very problematic, they can be easily avoided. The preventive techniques are staying away from the sun and you can wear stuff to keep the UV ways away from the skin. Wearing sunscreen with a proper sun protection formula can be the way going forward to avoid liver spots on face.

Apart from the preventive measures, it is not sure that you can keep away from liver spots on face. There are all sorts of commercial creams that promise to make your skin light and hence make the spots lighter. There are natural aloe products that are very effective.

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