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Seborrheic Keratosis Cream

Seborrheic Keratosis Cream

seborrheic keratosis creamSeborrheic keratosis means a greasy thickening of the body especially in the skin. These thickenings may be in a cluster and usually start off as light brown and dark oval spots often forming long structured patterns. The waxy and oily nature of seborrheic keratosis growths make them conspicuous features especially due to their appearance on several parts of the body that include the face, arms, and neck, that are not always covered.

Seborrheic keratosis spots are not contagious neither do they spread. In addition they have no relation to skin cancer and hence do not pose a health risk to affected people. The occurrence of seborrheic keratosis varies from person to person. There are people with many spots and others who have a few spots.

In some cases seborrheic keratosis may appear during pregnancy. This is because of the hormonal replacement therapy that is happening within the body. The seborrheic keratosis can come about as a result of other medical related problems.

Seborrheic keratosis is mostly inherited and is not only caused by sun exposure. Inheritance of seborrheic keratosis goes as far as determining its pattern and location where the growth will appear. Clothing rubbing against these growths can get irritating and make them grow even faster. Seborrheic keratosis mild steroid creams may help this. If they become very itchy and bleed easily, they should be immediately removed.

Because keratosis is superficial and can be easily seen, its removal should not be feared. However, in its treatment anesthetics are used to make the treatment painless and there is a little discomfort when treated areas heal.

These growths can be easily removed with treatment at home using a seborrheic keratosis cream. Seborrheic keratosis creams are applied topically, some are made with bio-skin-care extracts that clean the excess scaly materials of the skin by dissolving debris and damaged skin and abnormal tissues. These creams decongest the skin pores giving it the ability to remove waste products like sweat easily hence cleaning the skin. They favor regeneration of a healthy skin with all its structural components by digesting all damaged structures. This leaves the skin smooth, soft and refreshed. With prolonged usage, they also take away scales and reduce all types of skin blemishes, burns, blisters, roughness, cuts and scrapes.

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