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Age Spots On The Scalp

Age Spots On The Scalp

Age Spots On The ScalpOne would think that the word “Age Spots” as the name suggests is a kind of spot that one gets by attaining the age of 40 and above. On the contrary, an age spot is a kind of skin condition that is caused by sun damage due to excessive tanning of the skin. It can be found on any part of the body like the hands, legs, arms, and sometimes it could be found on the scalp, it is usually dark, brown or red in color. Unlike some other skin diseases, it is not painful or dangerous and it can be treated or removed naturally or chemically and medically.

One of the major causes of age spots on the scalp is the sun. Unknown to some, when you tan your body and you don’t cover your hair with a hat or scarf, you are equally tanning your hair and just like the skin, too much tanning of the hair dries the oil glands, which makes the scalp dry causing age spots on the scalp. Another cause is the use of hair care products. Depending on the hair texture, some hair care products are good and some others are harmful so using the wrong hair product for your hair can cause age spots and loss of hair on the affected area. Infections on the scalp as a result of irritation and allergy of hair chemicals, hormones, poor diet, and blocked hair pores etc can also cause age spots on the scalp.

Age spots on the scalp as mentioned earlier can be removed and treated naturally or medically by following doctor’s prescriptions or chemically by using creams. For the natural removal, honey, aloe Vera, lemon, lime, onion, vinegar etc can be used. Onion and vinegar solution is actually an easy and simple method of removing age spots, just mix some onion juice with vinegar and apply evenly to the affected area. Also, excessive exposure to the sun should be avoided. For the chemical removal; a considerably small amount of fade cream should be applied on the affected area. When buying a fade cream, it’s better to buy one that is made of natural extracts without any harmful chemical components. Washing thoroughly with the right shampoo so as to unblock the blocked hair pores and drying very well so that the hair is not damp, eating a good and balanced diet can also help to remove age spots of the scalp.

Age spots on the scalp can be hereditary in some cases and may turn to a cancerous growth if it’s not treated properly. If you have age spots of the scalp, treat it well or see a doctor, it’s not harmful or painful.

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