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Is Seborrheic Keratosis Precancerous?

Is Seborrheic Keratosis Precancerous?

Here, we will only focus on one of the many types of skin lesions and that is seborrheic keratosis. The term keratosis comes from its base word keratin – a naturally-occuring protein in the skin – which has the ability to overgrow. It usually varies from yellow, to brown and to black, in color. Some are flat but most are slightly raised or elevated. And although usually small, it can measure up to one inch in diameter. Usually, it is circular or oblong-shaped. It often appears like a wart but is very dissimilar from it. Though some may appear on the skin isolated, they usually appear in collective groups or batches. It can actually manifest on any part of the body but most of the time, they are found at the chest or the back. But its most specific characteristic is its slight waxy or greasy property. Lastly, seborrheic keratosis is painless. However, if it becomes irritated, there could be inflammation which causes the lesion to become red, warm, edematous, painful and sometimes, bleeding and darkening of its color. Therefore, there is really nothing major about seborrheic keratosis, or is there?

“What if this can cause cancer?”, most of you might have inquired that, we will tackle skin cancer. It is as of yet the type of cancer. Only in the United States, one-eight of Americans obtains skin cancer. But because the skin is easily available for inspection, its early detection is not a problem. Therefore, it is also the type of cancer that is most successfully treated. The three types of skin cancer whose basis of nomenclature is based on the cells affected will be discussed in the next sentences. The most widespread skin cancer is the basal cell carcinoma (BCC). Even though malignant, basal cell carcinoma grows very slowly and does not always metastasize. A tiny, crystal nodule manifests at first. Eventually, it undergoes central ulceration as it grows further. The next most prevalent skin cancer type is the basal cell carcinoma. In contrast, this has a speedy growth, undergoes metastasis, has a firmer consistency and redder in color. The last type, malignant melanoma is most known for having the highest death rate. Its characteristics can be described using the mnemonic ABCDE. It shows assymetry, crooked borders, deviation in color, a 6 millimeter or greater diameter and elevation.

Going back to our previous question, is seborrheic keratosis precancerous? In contrast with actinic keratosis which eventually results to squamous cell carcinoma, seborrheic keratosis is not a precursor of skin cancer and has no connection to it. It is indeed a benign skin tumor. You must ensure that the growth is in fact seborrheic keratosis, and to do this you should see a dermatologist who will be able to diagnose the growth. Now, all you have to think about is: to what degree it affects your appearance cosmetically, the possibility of removing it and which method you will choose.

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