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Age/Liver Spots

Age/Liver Spots

Liver spots is a skin condition people seek to get rid of because of its aging effect on the appearance. Due to our lifestyle, many more people are having them. Liver spots are usually associated with age. As you become older, your skin will be finding it more difficult to regenerate & resist the effects of years of accumulated sun exposure and this can lead to hyper pigmentation in the form of brown spots on the skin. It had also been discovered that thin areas on the skin are most affected.

However, it is not only the older folk that can be affected by this skin condition; increasing numbers of younger people under the age of 40 have been reported to have liver spots. If the skin is exposed to the sun for too long without SPF, the individual can end up developing the skin condition.  The back of the hand is a naturally thin area and it is also regularly exposed to the sun.  This area, along with the face & chest are one of the most common areas to find liver spots.

Liver spots can also be referred to as age spots. Many people think that there is a link between the skin condition and the liver. Medically, there is no link between the two of them. The only reason why the brown spots are called liver spots is that the skin condition has the same color as the liver.

Liver spots are not cancerous in anyway.  Leaving them on the skin also does not lead to any negative effects. It should also be noted that they are not contagious.  It is even possible for the skin condition to disappear on its own if you do not treat it at all.

In case you do not want to wait for the skin condition to disappear on its own, you can always make use of some common treatment methods to get rid of liver spots. Laser is very helpful in dealing with this skin condition. It is however somewhat expensive in comparison with some other forms of treatment for liver spots. But you can be reassured that laser is known to have fast results.

Topical creams can also be used to deal with age/liver spots. Skin lightening creams have also been found to be very helpful. It is important for the cream to have hydroquinone as the most active ingredient. This will ensure quick resolution of the skin condition.

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