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Brown Age Spots

Brown Age Spots

Having age spots is not an uncommon thing among those who are in an age bracket that is over 40years of age. These spots are highly notable on the skin because of the color they have and their size. Age spots may vary in color though the main color is brown or black, there are those who may get reddish or dark yellowish colored spots. Usually the brown spots are a couple of shades darker than the persons skin tone. If one finds that they have brown age spots there are available treatments to remove them, ranging from expensive laser treatments to cheaper home removal methods.

Dark age spots would be rather unlikely to be found on people who are very light skinned, and in such a case the marks are more likely to be freckles.  Melanin is the key factor that regulates and pre-determines the spot color one would have once the age spots start to show. Darker skinned people have higher melanin levels than light skinned people giving then an advantage when it comes to being in the sun, as their skin has more of a natural protection against damage from UV rays. Health-wise light skinned individuals stand to have a higher chance of developing age spots or even worse skin cancer caused by unprotected over exposure to the sun – simply because their skin has less protection. With melanin being a key regulator of coloration on the skin, this means that if one spot appears and it is brown then that the part that will be affected will be likely to develop more brown age spots.

Many who have dark liver spots or brown age spots tend to think that it will be an impossible task removing them from their skin.  Yet with enough patience and good use of medical methods while addressing this problem, they can be removed without causing damage to the skin. Brown age spots or any other spots no matter the color are usually small in size. If you have large brown patches of skin it is more likely that you have another form of pigmentation or a birthmark.

You should always see a skin doctor to check out any change in color of your skin. This is to ensure that you do not mistake brown age spots for another condition that may be precancerous. However, do not panic if you notice dark blemishes on your skin, they are likely to be harmless but better to be safe than sorry. For darker skinned people having brown age spots is not as noticable. Their pigmentation plays a lead role in concealing the age spots and with the use of a little concealer the job is easier to do.

When seeking to address your age spots issue, whether brown age spots or any other color, it is essential to first ensure they are benign, then you can begin your search for a method to remove them.

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