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Cures For Melasma

Cures For Melasma

Many doctors & sufferers are of the opinion that it is completely impossible to treat melasma, but the truth is that “cures for melasma” work for some and not for others. Mant of those afflicted with this hormone related skin condition have made use of several methods or products prescribed by so called experts to get rid of it, but many have not been successful in their battle against this stubborn form of pigmentation. Before you give up hope, you should consider the solutions mentioned below. One of them may be the solution to your skin condition. If you have tried every treatment available with no joy then you should concentrate your efforts and money on preventing melasma rather than cures for melasma.

Try laser

Laser is an effective but expensive method for getting rid of melasma. Laser can actually been used for numerous different forms of skin conditions, melasma being just one of them. You however need to understand that you will not be able to get this treatment done at home; you will have to pay a visit to the hospital or trained therapist.  The use of laser for melasma should be performed under the direct guidance of a dermatologist.

Topical cream can help

It is also possible for you to see good results with topical creams for treating melasma. There are so many topical creams available today that are specifically made for this skin condition. You can also get them over the counter in many of the drug stores in certain countries. You only need to apply the topical cream directly to the surface of the skin condition. Applying it twice per day is sure to bring some noticable improvement over a short period of time.

While purchasing any topical cream for the cure of melasma, you need to specifically look out for a cream that contains alpha hydroxyl acid. This is the most important active ingredient in the topical creams specially made for this skin condition.  It is not difficult at all to come by such a cream. This is because many of the pharmaceutical companies around are actually making the creams and you can get them easily over the counter.

Birth Control Pill & Pregnancy

Melasma is a  skin condition but the root cause is hormonal, often triggered by the pill or is often associated with pregnancy – hence its common name “Pregnancy Mask”. If you are or have recently been pregnant, or are taking the birth control pill this could very well be the reason for your melasma & therefore no treatments should be considered until at least a year after pregnancy or after stopping the pill.


Any treatment method used for melasma, or in fact any form of pigmentation should always include the use of sunscreen. It does not matter how sophisticated or effective the treatment method is. If the patient does not make sue of sunscreen after the treatment had been carried out, there is a great chance of the melasma coming back. If you have tried melasma treatments without success then sunscreen & avoiding sun exposure might be the only thing you can do to keep the brown pigmentation patches to a minimum.

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