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Facial Pigmentation

Facial Pigmentation

Facial skin pigmentation is where the skin on the face gets covered by blemishes, spots or patches hence it gets darker in some areas and lighter in others. It is caused mainly by the inability of the skin cells on the face to manufacture proteins. Some substances like collagens work to help the skin texture remain smooth and evenly colored.

For those affected by this skin pigmentation, cells will have to be put back in order to enable the cells to inhibit further production of melanin that is responsible for the facial pigmentation. Those with this skin pigmentation problem should consult doctors for prescription of appropriate medication to counter the condition.

There are several ways of removing facial skin pigmentation. The first one with the best results when done by qualified personnel is laser technology. The chances of success are also high though it is more expensive than most of the rest and it leaves the skin vulnerable to the sun’s rays and other harmful bacteria.

Some acids like glycolic acid can also work in improving the facial pigmentation. They do this by removing the top surface of the skin at the affected area and enhancing renewal of the affected cells.

The other methods involved in the removal of facial skin pigmentation are the home remedies.

The first home remedy to treat pigmentation is lemon juice. This juice is applied to the affected areas using a cotton ball daily and washed off after about 20 minutes. It can be applied two times a day for faster results. The vitamin C present in the juice sterilizes the skin pigmentation and lightens it to blend with the other parts of the skin. This juice makes the skin more sensitive to sunlight so when used, the use of sunscreen must be emphasized.

Another home remedy to treat skin pigmentation is aloe vera. The plant has a gel in the leaves that lightens the skin and blends it with other parts of the skin. If the plant is not available, the extracted gel can be obtained from the pharmacies and it has the same effect.

The raw aloe vera gel is applied to the areas with the skin pigmentation and left there for about 30 to 60 minutes then it is rinsed with cold or warm water. Alternatively, a thin layer of it can be applied and left on the facial pigmentation overnight to be washed off in the morning.

Be warned! Some of these acids especially those used in the home remedies for facial pigmentation like the lemon juice and aloe vera gel can cause irritation when they come to contact with the eyes or other sensitive areas hence it is advisable to be cautious when applying them.

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