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Pigmentation Disorders

Pigmentation Disorders

Pigmentation disorders has to do with some form of malformation or malfunctioning in the pigment of the skin. This concerns some of the naturally forming pigments of the skin and some of the artificial forms. The pigments are not supposed to show any dot on the skin. But the moment they begin to form one form of spot or the other on the skin, there is disorderliness in the pigments. Through this write up, you are going to learn about some of the common pigmentation disorders.


Melanin is the pigment in the skin that is responsible for the color of the skin. It carries out the function of normal pigmentation of the skin. But when there is one form of damage or the other to the pigment, it starts to malfunction.  The unhealthy state of the pigment leads to the formation of some spots on the skin. Damage to the cells responsible for the production of melanin can also be responsible for its malfunctioning.  Several factors can lead to the damage to the melanin leading to pigmentation disorders.

How it occurs

Pigmentation disorders can affect different parts of the body. There are some of these pigments that are found all over the body, while some other ones are only found in specific parts of the human body.  Melanin malfunctioning can be due to the over production of the pigment by the skin. It is not only melanin that had been implicated in this regard; both the sunlight and Addison disease too are involved in the formation of pigmentation disorder.

Melanin related pigmentation disorder does not only have to do with over production of melanin; it can also be due to low production of the pigment. When melanin is produced below the normal quantity expected, the skin will start getting lighter than normal.  Albinism is a very good example of the skin disorder. The later is however genetically transferred; unlike many of the other forms of skin disorder.  Burns can also affect the normal functioning of the pigments and this can lead to disorder.

In order to diagnose a pigmentation disorder, a wood’s lamp examination is used. Chemical peels, laser surgery and dermabrasion are the methods used in the treatment of the pigment related disorder on the skin. It is not in your best interest to get the skin problem treated yourself; you should consult a doctor.

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