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Home Keratosis Removal

Home Keratosis Removal

Keratosis is a very irritating condition. This is ascribed to the fact that it causes your skin appear aged with warty growths. This implies that once it occurs on your conspicuous parts of the body then you will definitely be the center of attraction in any crowd. Often, this condition has been confused with cancer. However, only actinic keratosis has precancerous cells. It is a condition that is prevalent among the old people with over forty years. Nevertheless, young people are not exempted for we have some situations where the young show its symptoms; though minimal.

Keratosis is a skin condition that can be controlled. There are several home keratosis removal methods you can choose from if you want to treat it yourself, here are the most effective ones. Hydrogen peroxide is a very effective home treatment method for seborrheic keratosis. It is a matter of purchasing the peroxide in any store. Thereafter, dilute the hydrogen peroxide to a concentration of 25%. Using a clean soft cloth, apply the hydrogen peroxide on the growth. Then cover the area to prevent hydrogen peroxide from evaporating. This ensures that it is well absorbed into the skin. This process must be done with utmost care to prevent the peroxide from coming in contact with sensitive parts of the skin such as eyes, nostrils and the mouth.

Alternatively, you can use glycolic acid to remove keratosis. This is a substance that is highly effective yet affordable. It can be found in any store or chemist. Just like the use of hydrogen peroxide, it requires you to dilute it to a 12% concentration then gently apply it to the affected area. It is important to cover the growth after applying to increase the rate of absorption. Take caution when applying to areas around the nose, mouth and nostrils. However, in case you accidentally cause it come into contact with any sensitive part; wash the area with lots of water.

If the growth is large enough you can tie the growth at its base with a tight string. This prevents blood flow to the growth hence shrivels up and fall off with time. Though irritating in the initial stage, this procedure is equally effective, however be careful not to tie the growth too tight as you could slice it off which may end up in a trip to the hospital for stitches.

To conclude, it is important to make sure that your health is given priority. Whenever you realize any abnormal growth on your skin make sure that you find out what it is before it’s too late.

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