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How To Avoid Liver Spots

How To Avoid Liver Spots

The sun is the most important factor in the formation of liver spots. Our skin contains melanin – the pigment that helps to reflect the harmful sun radiation. As people grow older, this ability of melanin decreases which make older people’s skin more vulnerable to the harmful effects of the sun such as liver spots. Therefore, in order to keep them from appearing on our skin, we have to follow these guidelines specifically targeted at avoiding the sun and defensing our skin from the sun. Wear protective clothing, never leave your umbrella, stay under shades, stay at home if it is from ten in the morning to three in the afternoon and just stay at home if you can – ways by which you can minimize your sun exposure.

Now, let us talk about how we can protect our skin from the sun. Never ever forget to use a sunscreen wherever you are. Also, search for sunscreens that block both the ultraviolet rays A and B and do not fail to remember to apply abundantly and re-apply as necessary or following the label printed on the sunscreen. Make it a point that you cover every exposed part of your body so you do not risk your skin from being damaged.

But to greatly reduce your likelihood of having liver spots, you have to modify the ways by which you live your life. Attune your diet giving importance to fruits and vegetables and to foods that are high in antioxidant and Vitamin A content such as berries and green tea because these nutrients aid in protecting our cells. Also, eat salmon and other foods high in essential fatty acids because these protect our cell membranes. Then, you should avoid fatty foods especially deep-fried foods because these make your skin oily – prone to infection and production of pimples. Then, you should never forget to offer your body plenty of water to help eliminate toxins and other harmful substances in the body. And as a last reminder, lead your body to physical activity and exercise with a frequency of three to five times a week. Through exercise, your blood circulation is strengthened therefore, oxygenated blood adequately gives oxygen and other nutrients that the skin need while deoxygenated blood brings out the toxins and other unused substances for elimination from the body.

Therefore, by acting in accordance with the guidelines discussed in the previous paragraphs, you are both protected from liver spots and other skin conditions such as skin cancer.

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