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Herbal Treatments For Liver Spots

Herbal Treatments For Liver Spots

Liver spots are dark spots of pigmentation that appear on the skin. They can range from black to yellowish-brown in color and are caused mainly by chronic exposure to the sun. Liver spots are known to be harmless and painless and are not reason for a cause for alarm. Liverspots aren’t malignant and therefore do not lead to cancer. They are common in people over the age of 40, hence they are commonly known as age spots.

Age spots can be treated naturally in so many ways. Aloe vera gel is a good remedy for all skin problems. The gel works by making the liver spots fade enabling you to have a more even skin tone.

Dandelions are a good herbal treatment for liver spots. Dandelions can be found in your garden. You simply need to cut the stem and apply the sap on the affected area. Leave the sap there for about half an hour and rinse off. You should begin noticing results within a month.

Lemon juice is acidic and the acid works by burning the pigmented areas until they are of a lighter shade. Use lemon juice at least twice a day for a month. This method can irritate the skin so be careful.

Lactic acid is good for the body in general but it is especially effective on brown spots. Butter milk is the source for this and you should ensure that you use it daily.

Another herbal treatment for liver spots is green papaya. The enzymes in papaya juice are good for digestion and also good enough to fade liver spots. Use fresh green papaya juice on the spots on a daily basis and you will be able to get rid of these nasty looking spots.

Sun spots can also be removed through the use of apple cider vinegar. When this is mixed with some orange juice, it works wonders on the pigmentation. Use it twice a day after a shower as that is when your skin is very clean and ready to respond well to treatment.

The herbal treatments for liver spots listed above are easily attainable and are beneficial both medically and financially. Try them and see how effective they are in getting rid of liver spots. Do also remember that even after treatment you need to avoid the sun and when you are exposed to it please use sunscreen that has a broad spectrum on your skin for maximum protection from developing more or worsening your liver spots.

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