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Getting Rid Of Liver Spots

Getting Rid Of Liver Spots

Liver spots, also called age spots, sun spots & brown spots are brown blemishes that appear on the skin on body parts that have been over exposed to the sun in one’s lifetime. They are not only black but can also be red of come in shades of brown. Liver spots are harmless and painless. They are mostly caused by prolonged exposure to the sun in one’s lifetime. Though liver spots pose no health risk, they at times cause lack of self-esteem. People with liver spots on the face are more susceptible to lack of self-esteem as they see themselves as unattractive.

Liver spots are easily removed and there are numerous ways of getting rid of them. Prevention is better than cure hence the first step in getting rid of these spots is actually avoiding the causes. Sun spots can be removed by use of fresh green papaya. The juice from papaya works by making the liver spots fade and in turn have better looking skin. Squeeze this juice on the spots and let it rest there for as long as half an hour then you can rinse off. Ensure that you do this twice daily after a shower for a month or two. You will see marvelous results if you follow these simple instructions.

Aloe vera is very commendable for brown spots. It is used the same way as fresh green papaya and the time frame for results is almost the same as that of papaya. Aloe vera burns the liver spots making them fade with time.

Liver spots can also be removed by using alpha hydroxy acids and retinoids. They are very useful in getting rid of liver spots from the top layer of skin. These are purchased from a chemist with instruction pamphlets. Bleaching creams are also bought as they are special liver spots treatment too.

Age spots are easily gotten rid of by the use of cryotherapy. This is a simple risk free task that only your dermatologist can perform. You cannot do it at home all by yourself. It needs professional skill. Your dermatologist could also use special acids for liver spots. These methods can only be administered by trained personnel and therefore visit your dermatologist for advice on this.

There are other numerous ways of getting rid of liver spots and if you are not sure of any of the methods especially its compatibility with your skin, ensure that you get advice from your dermatologist.

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