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Home Treatments For Liver Spots

Home Treatments For Liver Spots

Liver spots are unsightly, flat, brown spots that appear on the skin. They are both painless and harmless. Liver spots are caused by many things including chronic exposure to the sun in one’s life, genetics, liver malfunction, skin type and nutritional deficiency. These spots cause no reason for alarm but they are known to cause issues with one’s self-esteem especially when they appear on the face.

There are numerous home treatments for liver spots. Butter milk is good for the skin. The lactic acid present in it fades the brown spots by burning them until they are lighter. Rub butter milk on the liver spots at least twice daily most preferably after having a good shower as the skin is clean and more likely to respond to treatment.

Aloe vera is a good skin problem remedy and therefore a good choice for liver spot treatment. Rub the aloe vera gel on the affected areas and in a month you will begin seeing good results.

Liver spots are caused by lack of healthy foods and a good diet. Ensure that you eat a balanced meal with plenty of fruits and water afterwards. Always ensure that you take up to 12 glasses of water a day for the sake of your skin and the excretion system at large.

Take in bilberries on a daily basis. They are good home treatments for liver spots.

Did you know that fresh green papaya is a solution to those annoying dark spots? That is very true. Take juice from green papaya and apply it on the liver spots. The enzymes in the juice will work on the liver spots and make them fade in just a month or two.

Chick peas are a great home treatment for liver spots. Simply mash them and add a little water to it. Leave the paste on the liver spots for about an hour then rinse off. If you do this once daily preferably in the evening, you will love it.

Liver spots are also removed by the use of dandelions. Dandelions are easily found in the garden. Use the sap of this plant on the spots and you will experience its effectiveness. Use it 2 times a day or a maximum of 3.

Liver spots are easily taken care of at home as almost everything you need is at your disposal. Do not get stressed over something you have power over.

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