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10 Ways To Remove Liver Spots

10 Ways To Remove Liver Spots

Liver spots are brown spots on the skin that mainly occur on the hands, face, arms and shoulders. They basically appear on areas that the body has been most exposed to the sun. Liver spots are caused by prolonged exposure to the sun in one’s life. They are harmless and very painless but they raise cosmetic concerns to the beauty conscious. Liver spots are not malignant in any way. There are numerous ways to remove liver spots and I will focus on 10 of them.

Liver spots can be removed by the use of aloe vera. Aloe vera gel is squeezed on the liver spots and is left there to dry and sip into the skin. Aloe vera has natural ingredients that fade liver spots and after continued use for a month. Use aloe vera twice a day after a shower when your skin is fresh and clean.

Liver spots are removed by people with fairer skin by the use of bleaching agents like hydroquinone. This bleaching agent is only suitable for light skinned people. If you have dark skin; please don’t use it.

Skin sanding or dermabrasion is a method used by dermatologists to get rid of liver spots. This method is very effective. However, you cannot perform this treatment yourself. You need trained personnel to carry it out.

Freezing is another way of removing liver spots. Just like skin sanding, it has to be applied by a professional. In freezing, liquid nitrogen is sprayed on the liver spot. This method is effective and risk free but at the same time costly. This method is scientifically known as cryosurgery.

Liver spots can be removed by the use of laser treatment. Many people prefer laser treatment for liver spots as it is permanent and takes a short time to show results, however it is expensive.

Liver spots are removed by the use of supplements that will slow down the aging process.

Change your diet and eat healthy foods and detox frequently.

Drink up to 12 glasses of water in a day taking in plenty of fruits too.

Apply apple cider vinegar on the spots on a daily basis.

Lactic acid in butter milk is good for brown spots. Rub it directly on the spots.

With all the 10 methods listed, you also need to know that sunscreen with broad-spectrum should be used when you are exposed to the sun to avoid further brown spots.

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