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Get Rid Of Age Spots

Get Rid Of Age Spots

Age spots are very nasty and irritating. They take aware your glamour and this is why so many have looked for remedies. Age spots, also called liver spots are basically dark spots that appear on the skin. They can be grey or brown. They appear as clusters or individually and can be as small as a freckle or as wide as a centimeter. Age spots appear due to a lot of exposure to the sun and they are sometimes genetic. Liver spots are harmless but are sometimes cancerous and so you really need to check with your dermatologist to check for skin cancer.

Age spots are known to appear on different parts of the body. This however, depends on how much the particular body part is exposed to the sun. Age spots are common on the face, arms, shoulders and hands. They are more prominent in these parts as they are the most exposed to the sun. Age spots can be prevented. This is possible by making sure that you use sunscreen when you are going to expose yourself to the sun.

Old age is inevitable. When your skin begins to show signs of age, do not panic. There are several ways that will enable you to get rid of age spots very easily.

Get Rid Of Age Spots

There are home remedies for age spots. This is by the use of things that you can get from your garden or your kitchen. Aloe vera gel is a very good remedy for age spots on whatever part of the body. Aloe vera works by you squeezing its gel on the affected area and rub it gently on the  brownspots. You should always do this after a shower twice a day. The aloe vera will burn the spot after you leave it there for one hour then rinse off. The brown spots will be discolored after some time of this treatment and you will get your skin back. Other home remedies are castor oil and lemon juice. Use them the same way as aloe vera gel on the liver spots and you will see desirable results within a month.

Your dermatologist can also help you get rid of age spots. The medical remedies are the use of anti-aging cream and use of lasers. Lasers are popular as they are quicker. They work by fading the age spots.

It is easy to get rid of age spots so do not panic.

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