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Age Spots On The Face

Age Spots On The Face

Age spots do come as a result of aging. Aging is inevitable and so it is quite normal to have age spots at some time in your life. They are also known as liver spots though they have no connection to the liver but the sun, hence another alternative name sun spots. Age spots form in many ways. They can be as small as a freckle or as big as a centimeter in diameter. These spots also appear individually or as clusters and the colors range from black to different shades like light tan, brown and grey. The main cause of sun spots is a lot of exposure time to the sun and that is why they appear at old age. However, some young ones do get them.

Liver spots have a tendency of appearing in body parts exposed to the sun at most times. These parts include the shoulder, arms and face too. We will focus on age spots on the face.

Age spots on face are a big worry for those that really care about beauty and being attractive. It is not practical to hide your face and so, these spots have to be gotten rid of as fast as possible. Also ensure that you revive your even skin tone as you treat these age spots on your face.

Age Spots On The Face

Age spots on the face come as a result of many things. The prime reason is the sunlight. Age spots can also come due to genetics and malfunctioning of the liver. People with light skin are more prone to visible age spots as they have less melanin and when the sunlight causes the overproduction of melanin, these sun spots will be very visible as they are much darker.

There are many ways that you can use to treat and remove age spots on your face and revive that vibrant look you had before. There are remedies that you will get from your dermatologist while others are simply home remedies.

Home remedies for age spots are applying aloe vera gel and lemon juice on the affected parts. These will work after continued unfailing use of these home remedies. These spots are also removed medically with the use of facial age spots creams and laser treatments. The creams are mainly anti-aging and they will work well to your advantage.

Liver spots should not worry you so much but they can be precancerous. Please do check with your dermatologist.

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