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Seborrhoeic Keratosis

Seborrhoeic Keratosis

Seborrhoeic keratosis is gradually becoming a skin condition that people are dealing with nowadays. Though it is not contagious, it has a genetic factor which explains why most people of age and below and below have the benign growth. This skin growth can grow on any part of the body, either in clusters or singly. They occur mostly on the face, chest or on the back and often look like they have been pasted onto the skin.

Seborrhoeic keratosis is hardly considered to be dangerous but have some problems associated with it.

-They tend to interfere with shaving and detract from one’s appearance and self image.

-They begin to accumulate usually on the face and trunk as time goes on.

-In most cases, their appearances are distressing and tend to interfere with choice of clothing, sports like swimming and intimacy in a relationship.

-Also when they irritate, they become annoying and cosmetically displeasing.

-In extreme cases, they cause pain, itch and bleed.

To avoid problems caused by seborrhoeic keratosis, one can take into consideration the following; when they irritate, apply a cold compress to the affected area by using a wash cloth dipped into cold water to calm the irritation. This growth can also be scraped off through methods like electrocautery, ablation, cryosurgery, etc.

In extreme cases , where they cause pain, itch and bleed, it is advisable to seek the advice of a dermatologist or a skin biopsy can be conducted by a doctor. One can bandage the affected area with an adhesive bandage when they rub against clothing to avoid bleeding.

If one is displeased about the appearance and feel of seborrhoeic keratosis, some home remedies like intake of vitamins and supplements will gradually eliminate this skin growth. Natural herbal creams like sebaton are also very effective when applied on the affected part daily. Some amount of glycolic acid when applied to affected areas aids in the removal of seborrhoeic keratosis.

The problems associated with this skin growth can easily be eliminated without having to worry much about its cost and how to go about solving them because even when they are left without treatment they still disappear as time passes by. People only worry about treating seborrheic keratosis because it interferes with other activities and detract from one’s appearance and self image. There is absolutely no cause for alarm when it comes to this benign skin growth.

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