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How To Remove Seborrheic Keratosis

How To Remove Seborrheic Keratosis

Seborrheic keratosis is characterized by waxy brown growths on your skin. They are more common on light skinned persons compared to the black Africans and black Americans. The growths are harmless and the best way to deal with them is to leave them alone. However, they vary from person to person. They may look harmless to one person and look dangerous on another person.

The disease which affects people in and after middle age can be removed. Many mistake it for skin cancer but the benign lesions don’t lead to cancer. Unless they just look annoying on your skin, it is best to leave with them.

Some of the ways used to remove Seborrheic Keratosis include;

Surgical excision, the method is by used by doctors to cut off and remove seborrheic kerotosis. The expenses of this process are rarely covered by your health insurance. It is not the best option since after the surgery you are left to heal the wound and you may possess a scar after the wound heals.

Another way to remove keratoses is a process known as cryotherapy. The process involves freezing of the skin growth. This prevents the spots to grow bigger. The process is effective is used to remove them when they are at an easily stage of growth.

Laser is another method of that can be used to remove the brown waxy growths. This is where the lumps are burned with a beam of light to dry and stop blood flowing in them. After burning, you can easily remove the seborrrheic keratosis.

Since the seborrheic keratosis are attached off the skin, you may also opt to shave them off but cutting off where the cell is attached to the skin.

Electrocautery, the process involves burning of the cell using an electrical current. The cell is left weak and can be easily detached from the skin.

It is advisable if they are not that visible or affect your looks, don’t bother them. Seborrheic keratosis affects all persons male and female. Though many physicians think that the disease is caused by exposure to excess sunlight, it has not been clear since it affects both the covered and the uncovered parts of the body.

Don’t panic or get worried when you see the brown spots on your skin especially if you are at your old age. It is not skin cancer but a normal skin disorder experienced by many.

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