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Is Keratosis Precancerous?

Is Keratosis Precancerous?

Keratosis is a condition that affects the skin of fair-skinned people who expose themselves to excessive sunlight over time. This condition can also occur as result of hormonal imbalance in the body. This may be due to suppressed immune system after an organ transplant. Usually, this condition appears on different parts of the body which are exposed to excessive solar. Such parts include the face, the nose, ears and the arms.

It is true that actinic keratosis is precancerous. This means that, keratosis can progressively develop into skin cancer which is likely to pose a serious problem to the patient. However, it is important to note that it is only a small percentage of Keratosis cases that actually develop into real cancer. Note therefore that, the process of keratosis developing into skin cancer takes many years. However, if one takes precautionary measures at an early stage, the likelihood of keratosis developing into cancer becomes very minimal.

Squamous cell skin cancer is the only type of cancer which has the potential of spreading to other parts of the body. On the other hand, actinic keratosis has a relatively low potential of spreading to the other parts of the body. In order to prevent actinic keratosis from growing into cancer, it is important for one to seek advice from a professional doctor regarding their removal and ways of preventing them from further growth.

Keratosis presents itself differently on different people. To some, it may appear for a short time and disappear for some days only to reappear after some time on the same area. The part of the skin which has been affected by keratosis may look blotchy. It may also feel rough and painful when touched by the hand.

Keratosis is a skin condition that can be prevented if only people were willing to take effective precautionary measures. It is important to know that the quality of your skin is so vital to your body. Apart from the important role that it plays, it gives you that beautiful complexion that is so unique to you alone. It is therefore important for you to wear protective clothing so as to protect your body against sun emissions. The exposure time should also be limited as much as possible. It is also advisable to use sunscreen as one of the preventive measures against Keratosis. Regular consultation with a qualified physician whenever one has some growths on the skin is highly advisable.

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