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Keratinosis is a skin condition that usually affects people as a result of exposing their bodies to the sun rays. Keratinosis is common among people who are above forty years of age and it is important to note that children are not affected by this condition. This condition usually appears as small, red, rough marks on the skin which are not easily seen by most people. This condition is normally recognized through the appearance of rough spots which may also be burning or itching. These marks may disappear for sometime and re-appear later on the same area. One should also know that this condition may affect women as a result of hormonal changes in their bodies or as a result of use of drugs. Both light skinned and brown skinned persons are affected by this condition. In some cases, keratinosis in the form of actinic keratosis may develop into skin cancer which may present serious problems to the victims. However, dermatologists can prescribe effective medication for keratosis treatment.

To be able to prevent your self against this skin condition, it is important to reduce the time you spend basking in the sun. Note that, though the sun provides us with warmth and other important nutrients which are very essential to our bodies, it also emits dangerous rays such as ultraviolet rays which cause destruction to our body parts. Protective clothing such as hats will enhance protection of our bodies against Keratinosis. There are also other professional ways of dealing with the situation and they include the use of chemical peels and dermabrasion provided by therapists. To get maximum results, a complete treatment process has to be adhered to whatever method chosen.

Note that the purchase of chemical drugs over the counter for the treatment of keratinosis can do you more harm than good. Some of the most effective ways of dealing with this condition include avoiding shower using hot water. This is because of the fact that hot water has the potential of drying up the surface of your skin there by giving it a rough touch. Again, it is important to balance your skin with natural ingredients which will neutralize radical damages on the surface of your skin. Effective use of tropical antioxidants will moisturize and reduce the effect of sun rays on your skin thereby reducing keratinosis. It is also necessary to seek medical attention from competent professionals immediately if you discover that you are suffering from actinic keratinosis.

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