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Age Spots & Keratosis

Age Spots & Keratosis

Keratosis is a skin condition that usually affects those who have very fair skin. Keratosis can also affect those with dark skin,  however it tends to be more common in the fair skinned people mainly due to the fact that the paler a persons skin is – the less melanin it contains, which is our body’s own natural form of protection from the sun. There are a few different kinds of keratosis and most do not have any health implications apart from cosmetically, with the exception of actinic keratosis which must be treated by a doctor as it can lead to skin cancer. Actinic keratosis is often linked to age spots, the reason for this is the connection between sun exposure and damage to the skin resulting from it. If you have keratosis pilaris or seborrheic keratosis you may decide to leave it without making use of any treatment method whatsoever. But one thing you can be sure of is that the skin condition can end up having very contrary effect on your skin and you may not feel as beautiful as you always want to. Through this simple write up, you will learn about the comparisons between age spots & keratosis.

A slight difference

Keratosis does come as a result of the direct contact of the sun on the skin.  Its result does not actually come immediately; it may take some years before any one having this kind of condition begins to experience the side effect of excessive exposure to the sun. In fact, one may not get any of the symptoms until one begins to grow as old as fifty years of age.  This kind of skin condition is therefore linked to old age.

The case seems to be somewhat different as far as age spots are concerned. In actual fact, age spots are also linked to the sun. If you allow the sun to touch your skin excessively, you may end up with the skin condition. Age spots too tend to appear on the skin as you grow older. The way the two of them appear on the skin does differ.

Keratosis had never been known to be hereditary. But that is the case with age spot. If the parent has keratosis, the kids may never come up with it. But in the case of age spots, the parents can pass down the trait to their kids very easily. When this kind of hereditary condition comes up in the offspring, it may show up as early as when the child is just about twenty five years of age. This is one of the reasons why it may be somewhat difficult to say that both keratosis and age spots are directly linked. This hereditary situation also makes it rather difficult to say that age spots is only limited to old age.

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