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Curettage For Keratosis

Curettage For Keratosis

There are 2 main types of keratosis – actinic keratosis which is precancerous and must be treated by a doctor, and seborrheic keratosis which is harmless but can have the worst appearance of the two. When seborrheic keratosis appears on the skin, it can really make the skin look ugly and unsightly with the formation of large brown growths. Because of this, anyone who has this kind of skin condition may desire to get rid of it. In case you so desire, this simple write up will show you a very reliable method that can be very useful in getting rid of keratosis from your skin.

The treatment method for keratosis removal that will be discussed here is the one referred to as curettage. This method had been used with very great degree of success. This is a very simple treatment method for keratosis and is mainly performed by doctors, this is not a keratosis treatment you can perform yourself. On several occasions, the use of this treatment method had been compared with cryotherapy and the two had actually been certified to be very effective against keratosis.

This treatment method for keratosis is carried out in a hospital or doctors surgery. First of all, the area surrounding the skin condition will have to be anesthetized. This involves the use of a local anesthetic. After this had been done, the keratosis is cut away using a sharp spoon shaped instrument called a curette.  One thing about this treatment method is that it can be used on any one between the ages of 18 and 75; provided the individual is having the skin condition.  Both males and females too can benefit from the treatment method. In case any one is below the age of 18, it may not be safe to use the treatment method on them. Researches are still on going about how the curettage can be successfully applied on kids of lower age without any kind of medical complication.

It is not advised to make use of the treatment method without the application of local anesthesia. This is because the method can be very painful. Treating keratosis using this method has to do with the scraping off of the skin condition. This can be accompanied by pain. It then becomes important to numb the skin around the area where the treatment method will be applied.

After the curettage had been applied for the treatment of this skin condition, it can lead to the formation of a small scar on the skin.

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