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Keratosis Natural Treatment

Keratosis Natural Treatment

When you allow the sun to tan your skin excessively without adequate protection, it may lead to one of form of skin disorder or the other and in some cases can result in keratosis as you grow older. When it appears on the skin, this skin condition causes abnormal growths on the skin. It can be so unfair on the skin to the extent that it can occur in places like the face and the legs where everybody can see it on you. It had also been discovered that keratosis can affect both male and female alike. Your age also does not matter; it can affect people of different age groups. But in most cases, it had been found to be common in the older generation. If you are looking for a natural treatment for keratosis to do yourself at home, this simple write up will point out the way to you. But first be sure of the type of keratosis you have – seborrheic keratosis is harmless and you can treat this yourself, wheras actinic keratosis should only be treated by a doctor.

Lemon sugar scrub can help

This method of treating keratosis naturally has proved itself to be one of the most dependable methods that are available out there. It is a very effective home treatment that every one loves to use.  You need to mix honey, sugar, lemon and almond oil together to form the lemon sugar scrub. Before you can make use of the method for treating the skin condition, make sure you clean the area of the skin. You can as well take your bath. Consistency is very essential when you are making use of this method.

Tie things up

This method involves tying a knot on the growth. Leave the knot on it or as long as possible and make sure that this is repeated everyday. If possible, you can leave the knot for the whole day. Tying the knot will prevent the supply of blood and nutrient to the spot. The keratosis growth will dry up with time and it will fall off in form of blister.

Balanced diet is essential

One of the most effective ways to treat keratosis skin condition is by eating balanced diet. Make sure that your food is rich in supplements; especially in vitamins. In order to ensure that you get the normal supply of vitamins per day, you can also rely on vitamin supplements.  You can be sure that these natural methods will get rid of keratosis within a short period of time; provided that you never grow impatient with them.

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